1. K

    NyQuil DayQuil Lovie Smith

    anybody got an idea what song this is? i have none. i already tried some song id services, they didnt work. nothing in description, no comments a.s.o. <_< thank you
  2. TicoMachi

    Vicks Dayquil Mucus Control

    There is this new dayquil commercial that always plays in two parts. The first part starts with a guy, and it shows him coughing in different places, and cheering while doing so, while playing only an instrumental version of the song, then it shows a bottle of vicks and says "getting rid of...
  3. T

    Vicks DayQuil

    There's a new commercial on. It opens up with a car driving, and a dog's head sticking out of the passenger window. The camera pans across the windshield, and the driver's head is also out the window. There's a really nice song playing - but the words are hard to make out - something about...