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    Corona "A Corona Gets Its Lime"

    Does anybody know what music is playing late in the Corona "Another Corona gets its lime" commercial? There is snippet of a song in which a woman is singing "In the afternoon" and we only hear a few notes of the song. It is also used in another commercial, I'm just not sure at this time which...
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    Corona "Some Beaches"

    Anyone know this song? Thanks.
  3. D

    Corona "Shoes"

    Haven't seen this one on YouTube or anywhere else. It's the usual type of Corona commercial, set on a beach but opens with a black guy on the left and a white guy sitting at a beach front bar. Then everybody kicks off their shoes. The song is really pretty and I would love to find out what it...
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    Corona "Find Your Beach"

    What is the song that plays on the Corona Commercial where the band is singing on the beach?
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    Beer commercial roof top party

    I can't remember which beer commercial it was for but it shows two different roof top parties jamming to two different songs and then the DJ's at each party see each other across the way and start kixing both in at the same time to combine the songs and play it as one so both parties can dance...
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    Its like a reggae/ska beat on the Find Your Beach ad campaign... the guy is in a store, but these girls come and ask him to rub suntan lotion on their backs or something
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    Corona "Find Your Beach"

    Need music for new Corona Beer campaign "Find Your Beach" sounds kinda like Donovan
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    Corona Cinco de Mayo

    what is the name if the song in the corona cinco de mayo commercial? it starts off with 5 corona bottles then the song starts playing, its only about 20 seconds long..
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    What is the song playing in the Corona beer commercial? It follows a trail of clothes through a cabana, to the suitcase on the bed, and then still more clothes out of the loft facing the beach (it is, after all, a Corona ad). Song is instrumental, of course, and rather mellow. Thanks and...
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    Corona Light "Moonlight"

    Corona Light "Moonlight" :blink: Hey, I am new to this and hope I get it right. I recently seen a Corona commercial and it had a reggae song in it. Not sure of the lyrics but it was a male singing. Might have been for Corona Light or Cinco de Maio. (It's NOT the Australian commercial song I am...
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    Corona Light "Another Perfect Day"

    Commercial is a time lapse of a sun setting, I've heard the song before, just curious for the title :) Only lyrics in the song, "you said it all". At the end, the text "Another perfect day" appears onscreen. Thanks! -jeff