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    Closing Bell

    Everytime i watch "closing bell" on CNBC i hear a beautiful soundtrack in the background when kelly evans(anchor) say "coming up next on closing bell" then a song play in the background and dat song im trying to find from so long time but cant suceeded . Now adtunes please help me I want dat...
  2. J

    CNBC The Coffee Addiction

    What's the song in this promo for CNBC's The Coffee Addiction?
  3. T

    CNBC The Facebook Obsession

    I am looking for the promo music for the CNBC special coming in Jan called The Facebook Obsession. It is all instrumental and I remember it was used on that game show minute to win it when they introduced those games when the show first started. It sounds like a song off a Minority Report/ I...
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    Mad Money with Jim Cramer

    does anyone know any of the music used on Jim Cramer's CNBC show?