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    Cisco Human Network World Cup "Around the World"

    Awesome ad showing little kids around the world doing an 'around the world' with their soccer balls. Superb slap bass with a nice techno beat. Just frickin' sweet. And then Ellen Page's voice comes on with the usual 'learning sharing doing' or whatever bit and then the announcement from her...
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    Cisco Valet

    Does anyone know the song used at the end of the recent Cisco commercials for some networking product they call Valet? It sounds kind of upbeat, indie rockish. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Cisco The Human Network

    I'm talkin bout the new human network commercial where the boy dances while the man records him on his cell phone. Then that video finds its way around the world...does anyone know what that songs called? Its kind of like techno, but i cant find it anywhere. Big thanks