1. M

    William Hill Casino

    Hi there can anyone tell me what the funky track is that is on the new William Hill Casino Ad? I have scoured the net till the wee hours in vain.........:o thanks to anyone
  2. J

    Ameristar Casino Black Hawk

    Although the version playing here in Denver is for the Black Hawk casino, I suspect that a similar ad may be used in other markets - soundtrack genre is electronica and visuals show a couple dining, drinking, gambling, and ultimately jumping into a pool as the driving beat is superimposed on an...
  3. E

    Aria Resort and Casino

    The new "words will fail you" ad for the soon-to-open Aria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas just came out and it features a solo piano work that struck my fancy. I've tried checking the hotel's website and some other places but can't find anything to go on. Does anyone know if the piece is...
  4. B

    Paris Casino Las Vegas "Paris is Coming"

    Can anyone help me find the name's and artist's who sang in the "Paris is coming" Commercials. There were three different commercials each had a different french song. Two commerials featured French Female Vocals, and Third a French Male Vocal Artist. I'm pritty sure I found Two of the Songs La...
  5. keltic

    Paris Casino Las Vegas

    I'm looking for the name of the song that Paris Las Vegas (the casino) is using in their ads targeting the gay & lesbian demographic. It's a classy orchestra, ballroom dance band piece. you can hear it at their site. any ideas?