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    Boxing promo videos

    looking for boxing promos I found this two trailers and the songs are so epic specially the second. someone know the names?. I know is not two steps from hell
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    Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana boxing promo

    Can someone tell me the song in this video? Thanks
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    Marcos Maidana highlight

    Can someone tell me the name of this song?
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    Beyond The Ropes Haye vs Chisora

    The song starts at 1:40 - 2:05, Thank you!
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    HBO Boxing Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito

    song used during the overviews of the fighters Halo: Reach OST "Lone Wolf"
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    HBO Boxing

    I cannot find a video for this anywhere so unless you have HBO I don't know what to tell you. For those of you that do, It is a black and white commercial for boxing and a really beautiful slow piano piece plays during a voice over. I saw it on HBO2 though I'm sure it is not exclusive to that...
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    HBO Boxing 24/7

    I am looking for the music that plays during the credits of the HBO series 24/7 that looks at the training for the Oscar de la Hoya/Floyd Mayweather fight coming up on May 5. Can anyone help?
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    HBO Boxing

    Anytime HBO has boxing, they have the music that is played before and after the telecast. Does anyone have any idea what the name of that piece of music is???