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    Bones Season 6

    So I don't watch Bones too often so I'm not sure what season or what episode was it.. But the song was sang from a female singer and it started to play when a girl in a hospital bed said something like "just tell them the surgery didn't work" or something similar to that.. Thanks!!
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    Bones Season 5

    Hey, guys! Since the episode aired I've been desperate to find out what piece was used in the end credits of the episode around 43:23. If anyone knows, I would really appreciate it if you'd let me know.
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    Bones Season 4

    Hi!! I am trying to find a song from yesterday's episode (Sept. 3rd) happened when Brenan it taking to this dectative in London his name i think ethan wexley or something and during them talking Booth is sitting at a table if anyone can tell me the song i would love it thanks!!!
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    Bones Season 3

    It's the classical piece playing as we see the church and Bones comes down the stairs with the huge bow on the front of her bridesmaid dress. Thanks!
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    Bones Season 2

    two songs they played in this past episode - the first - a woman singing (husky voice) while bones looks at her mom's things 2nd - more upbeat guy singing right at the end of the episode thanks!
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    Bones Season 1

    Ok, so I know the first song in the show was Howie Day-Collide. Did anyone else what this? Anyone know the other songs? Or am I a huge nerd for being a David Boreanus fan???
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    someone know the song in which the girl, who plays the forensic anthropologist 'bones' says "the only meaningful relationships i have are with dead people" if you know what it is, please let me know. thanks.