back to school

  1. farbeyond

    JCPenney Back To School "Picture Day"

    Hey I just saw a commercial for JcPenney advertising for back to school 2010 merchandise/sales. The theme/title of the commercial was picture day. The song used in the commercial is: Christian TV Band - "123 Turnaround"
  2. C

    JCPenney 2009 Fall Back To School "Lunchroom Runway"

    does anyone know the name of the dance song that's playing in this commercial? it's a guy who's singing ... if that helps. it'sa fairly new commercial, only came out about 2 weeks ago. has anyone seen it?
  3. jca

    JCPenney Breakfast Club "Get That Look"

    JCPenney is running a new commercial called "High School Cinema" as part of their "Get That Look" back-to-school campaign that recreates "The Breakfast Club". The TV ad features a cover of the Simple Minds song: "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by New Found Glory Get it at Amazon. As part of the...
  4. G

    JCPenney Back to School

    Just wanted to know what the music was in the JC Penney back to school commercial where there is a boy in a lunch room and a girl slides onto the table and makes the boy move his hands out of the way of a drawing on the table. Sounds like a song from one of those diamond commercials from a long...
  5. W

    Target back to school

    Hello, I am looking for the name of this song that I heard in Target's new back to school commerical. It was rockish and had lyrics like "do what you want" and "saw the future in the mushy ... " If you got anyhting please post. I will be most grateful. Thanks. -Will :D
  6. P

    Kohl's "Fits" Back to School

    I saw this commercial a little while ago and I just remembered that I wanted to come here to try to figure out what the song was. I'm pretty sure it was a Kohl's commercial, but I'm not 100% positive. It was a back to school kinda thing, with kids dancing around and lots of colors... lol. I...