1. A

    Armani Backstage

    Does anyone know song name?
  2. D

    Armani Jeans underwear photo shoot

    there is a new video backstage of Christian Ronaldo Armani Jeans underwear shoot. Anyone know the song playing?
  3. S

    Armani Code

    Does anyone know the name of the music or the artist from the most recent (December 2009) Armani Code for Men and Women ad: It reminds me of some techno music in the movie True Romance.
  4. B

    Emporio Armani Samsung

    An ad prolly not shown in the US, with an electronic song playing... any ideas?
  5. G

    Giorgio Armani Code

    Does anyone know the techno song on the current Armani Black Code commercial? It doesn't have any words and only seems to play for 5 seconds so I can't offer any more info...