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    Animal Planet

    I'm looking for the music used in aanimal planet commercial. It's not specificly for one show but for the entire channel. At one point it shows an Albert Einstein quote on screen "Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." Anyone recognise the music used?
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    Animal Planet

    Does anyone know the song title in the Animal Planet commercial about Journey around the world? Or something like it? I've been searching for it since summer, I don't know any lyrics (and then the ..... comes ...), but the music sounds a bit like Irish or Scottish - there are some pipes in it...
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    Animal Planet 2009

    Hi I saw this advert on Animal Planet almost two years ago. I was finally able to find this on YouTube. Does anyone know the title of this song? Thanks in advance.
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    Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me

    Hey guys, whats the music/clip that is played during the commercial for Animal Planet's "Monsters Inside Me"? I'd really appreciate it, thanks!
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    Animal Planet Planet Earth

    Hello everyone, Ive been looking all over internet for months but i couldn't find this version anywhere. Its airing every once in a while so i finally decided to capture it with my phone camera and here it is: Id really appreciate if someone could end my suffering in search of the misterious...
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    Animal Planet "World's Greatest Dog Show"

    This has been posted once or twice, but no answers yet. The promo for Animal Planet's World's Greatest Dog Show has an electronic/techno-sounding song with a female vocalist that sings/raps "Once the party gets started..." The next line is something like "we're gonna rock it all night," or...
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    Animal Planet Jockeys

    Looking for the songs that play in the background of "Jockeys" commercials, although I get the strong feeling they may be in-house. Thanks in advance for the help! Fondest Regards, NM/FC
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    Animal Planet

    There's been a commercial that has been airing a lot recently on Animal Planet and it's a very dark song. It start off with 4 people from "From dog to wonderdog" then it shows monkeys and it says "dark days in monkey city" then at the end it shows horses and a female says "i'm not a girl , i'm a...
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    Animal Planet "Love Animals" reindeer

    I heard this instrumental in the background of the clip Love Animals on Animal Planet, the one with the young man and his reindeer. Does anyone know it?
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    Animal Planet snake crawls in tunnel

    Animal Planet commercial - snake crawls in tunnel. It is a very short commercial with no words. The music is a fusion of HopHop beat running under a middle-eastern sounding instrument soloing, possibly Sitar (?). It is a great fusion of the two disparate styles! Any help identifying it would...
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    Animal Planet flying eagle

    Hi! There's a short ad on AP with a flying eagle. It's music is a violin music, I think maybe Paganini. Can anyone tell me what is it exactly? Thanx!
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    Animal Planet "Love Animals" bee keepers

    Hello This ad ran some time ago on animal planet, featuring some bee farmers - and it were a part of the multiply Love Animals ads that were done The song goes "Sunny Days... Sunny Days.." I been searching for that song for half a year now, and I just havent had any luck finding it I...
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    Orangutan Island

    Orangutan Island - Animal Planet...there is a funky Jazz Piano in the background of the trailer...sounds like it ouught be be an identafiable Jazz piece. Any Ideas out there? GT
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    Animal Planet monkeys

    A recent ad for the Animal Planet channel asks 'What if we lived in a world where animals really got down?' and shows monkeys swinging from trees. What is the song in that ad?
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    Animal Planet dolphins

    I know it's a Animal planet commercial. It'll come on ever so often if you sit down to watch the channel for long enough. It starts out with a bunch of dolphins swimming about. The commercial itself goes: "Imagine a planet where if you felt like going to Hawaii, You could just take a beep...
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    Animal Planet flying squirrels

    what's the name of the song playing? the lyrics were something like (4,3,2,1, earth below us. drifting falling). the commercial has a squirl jumping off I think is a tree. i saw it on the animal planet channel. The song sounds like it's from late 80's or early 90's.