air jordan

  1. T

    Nike Air Jordan "No Quit"

    What's the music in this trailer?
  2. T

    Nike Air Jordan 2

    The commercial is known as Rock a Baby. There are two versions, the other version with beatboxing. I linked the version with the music I'm trying to find. Thanks
  3. J

    Nike Air Jordan "Re2pect"

    What is the song used in the new Air Jordan "Re2pect" commercial that pays its respect to Derek Jeter. Here is the video.
  4. N

    Nike Air Jordan "Maybe"

    Hey all. I've been searching for the tunes in the follow commercials for YEARS (literally), and my lack of results has lead me here. I'm looking for the tunes/artists who composed the music in the following Jordan Brand Commercials (by Nike). 1) "Maybe"- Any help (intuition or fact) would...
  5. F

    Nike Air Jordan "Look Me In The Eyes"

  6. N

    Nike "Be Legendary"

    Anyone know the music to the Nike commercial that ends with the caption "Be Legendary"? It features old footage of guys like Carmelo Anthony, Terrell Owens, and Michael Jordan and you hear MJs voice throughout the ad. The music is very inspiring.
  7. kuyaw1ll

    Nike Air Jordan "Failure"

    Does anybody know the name of the song for this famous ad?
  8. C

    Nike Air Jordan XII

    I'm sure this must have been brought up here before, but I had a hard time finding it. many thanks
  9. C

    Nike Air Jordan

    OK, I feel like a tard. Nike has two new commercials - one for the new Air Jordans (gen. XXII) For the first commercial: what is that classical piece? Why oh why did I never memorise the names to these things.. Thanks for anyone who can help me out.
  10. D

    Nike Air Jordan "What is Love?" Michael Jordan

    Can anyone identify this song? I sounds very familiar but I cant seem to remember where I've heard it from? thanks for the help!
  11. V

    Nike Air Jordan

    I don't even know whether this commercial has aired yet, but I found this commercial on another message boarda and was wondering if anybody knew the song of course. Sweet commercial.