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    2012 Honda Accord "Through It All"

    Anybody have an idea what the song is in the new Accord commercial? It's not the Electric Light Orchestra one, it's the commercial that starts out with the 1970's accord on the stage. I have no idea, and can't find a video of the commercial on the internet yet.
  2. S

    Honda Accord V6

    There is a current Honda Accord commercial running about the V6 accord and the last lyrics of the song playing are Here I am. Can someone help me with the name of the song/band thanks
  3. K

    Honda Accord Crosstour "Fever"

    I am having a really difficult time finding the right version of this song - I'm seeing many suggestions out there, but none are right. Help please!
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    Honda Accord Crosstour "Boxes"

    There are two commercials I have seen so far for this car. The first was called "Instruments" and the song was Fever. The other commercial I do not know the name of, but the concept was that "it just fits." The song is not in English so it's hard to find anything about it. It came on during...
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    2009 Honda Accord

    Hey team, This commercial has been out for a couple months and it continues to baffle me. The commercial shows a burgundy Accord from a side profile and then zooms in on several different 'compartments' of the car. The music starts with light piano and intensifies with an orchestral background...
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    2008 Honda Accord

    this is a new Honda ad where the car drives past walls with images projected on them it's a rockabilly kinda tune. the honda logo is displayed over a green backround at the end.