abc family

  1. B

    Kevin From Work

    Looking for the amazing tune/song in Season 1 Episode 2, starting at 3:23, here: I know I've heard it before, but just can't place it! Also it's a great show, highly recommended all start watching it.
  2. mhzbri

    ABC Family promo

    Hello! Searching for a promo cut used on ABC Family TV Network. The lyrics were something to the effect of "...we can do (or be) anything...." I know it's not much but that's all I caught of the lyrics. Thanks AD Tunes community! :)
  3. S

    Jane By Design

    Anyone know what song was playing about halfway through the pilot episode when Jane gets pushed into the pool? Female singer. Some of the lyrics may have been "not gonna stop for no one".
  4. M

    Pretty Little Liars

    ABC Channel Commercial? Hey all! Just joined as I was searching for a song... Does anyone know the name of a song that was playing during a commercial break from Willy Wonka on ABC tonight? I was replying to an email so I didn't catch the show name, but I do remember the camera panning across...
  5. M


    This song has been driving me NUTS. I've heard it in the newest "Greek" commercial as well as the Altima (?) Tent Event 2009 commercial. Any help would be really appreciated - here's the link to the commercial.
  6. M


    Hello! I would be gratefull if you could tell me what's the name of this song. It's an instrumental and I heard it a lot of times in different TV series but I can't find it. Thanks a lot!