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    Looking for the movie for teenagers and good music

    I remember only very foggy memory from movie from 90's. I saw it at least 20 years ago and I'm sure that is made in USA. My foggy memory is American singer. He has short hair and he wears dark sunglasses. He is singer on the stage and he sings very good song. It's specific lyrics are "No! No...
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    Three good movies

    1) I'm looking for movie from 90's or 2000's. The film is set in the 19th century and there was a man and a woman (marriage) who had a child. Unfortunately, but later another woman attacked their house. The woman killed the man's wife and kidnapped the child, and the man probably later searched...
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    I am looking for three songs

    I'm looking for these song for many years and I fell that even centuries :) Help me, please.
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    Outside the Law

    It's movie "Outside the Law" (2002), low-budget movie and definitely unpopular. I'm looking for interesting song from the movie, but I'm sure that credits doesn't any informations connected with music used in this movie ( what a pity ). The main characters are played by Jeff Wincott and Cynthia...
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    Hello, I am from Poland

    Hello. I was born in 1989 in Poland. I am infobroker. I am interested in various music and movies from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, USA, Germany, France and Italy. I know three languages: Polish (native speaker), Czech (very good) and English (very good). I like different music, because I...