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    Windows 7 Beta

    That's interresting, because Shazam says "Tim Garmon - A Love in Arizona" which has the same cover but the full song itself is not the same
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    Duke Nukem Forever

    What are the songs in this video (especially the one from 3:22 to 6:00 with minor breaks)
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    Windows 7 Beta

    The song was already posted in the description as a download, but the link is dead :( What's the name of the song?
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    Philips monitor review (Russian)

    Something that sounds good, but what's the name of it?
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    Gigi Galli Tribute video

    Many thanks :)
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    Gigi Galli Tribute video

    Second song? (from 3:07)
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    "Die, die die" in the lyrics

    Well, i heard this song (Rock, maybe Metal) yesterday in a croatian radio, i tried to mark this music, but sadly my english is not good enough and were too late to listen the lyrics carefully. The only thing i remember is that in the refrain said something then "Die, Die, Die" (three times not...
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    Yoshi Hates Mario

    Oh, great! Thanks! I knew that it must be something to do with Yoshi :)
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    Yoshi Hates Mario

    from 0:00-0:22 what is the background song?
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    Need help

    What is the name of the song between 0:06 and 0:24?
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    OMV Bixxol Motor Oil

    BUMP! The second song is Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich: Bend it (randomly found) Anyone knows the first song?
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    OMV Bixxol Motor Oil

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    Eurosport Watts Zap

    Song between 10:50 and 11:13?
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    Nat Geo World's Toughest Fixes

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    Microsoft Games for Windows Live promo