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    Famous mysterious choir used in many commercials/movies

    There’s no choir in this piece, but it came to mind listening to your clip: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Score -- A Window To The Past
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    2015 PBS Online Film Festival promo

    "Sky Blue Skies" (Doug Petty and/or Network Music Ensemble) Amazon link:
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    Michael Jordan Legendary Air video

    "Prepare For The End" (Epic Score)
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    Meet the Scared Dog That Only Wanted a Hug video

    Re: Song Title Help "The Man Who Chose To Smile" (Paul Collier)
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    "Les filles de Cadix" (Léo Delibes) Ana Maria Martinez, soprano
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    The Dead Sea Scrolls online promo

    "Earthflow" (Ruth Barrett)
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    Academy Awards Tribute

    "Prologue & Birth" (Audiomachine) (STARTS AT ~1:15)
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    Robin Williams tribute

    "Valedictorian (Life Is Fleeting)" from Michael Kamen's score for the film Jack (from which the underlying speech by Robin Williams' character comes as well).
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    The Kentucky Derby

    Re: Kentucky Derby Arkenstone has posted a video on Facebook featuring his theme for the 2012 broadcast of The Breeder's Cup on NBC: You may have to "like" the page in order to watch/listen.
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    The Kentucky Derby

    Re: Kentucky Derby It appears that since 2002, NBC has been using original music by composer David Arkenstone: "This week I'm on to recording my theme music in Los Angeles for the Kentucky Derby coverage on NBC (Sat. May 5, check local times..) I've rearranged some of my themes from 2002, and...
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    Meet the Press

    Re: Meet The Press The alternate "official" title of the piece is "The Mission, Part IV - The Pulse of Events" and can be heard here in two versions: 2004-2011 version: 1985-2004 version...
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    The Block

    Re: Score/Classical track on The Block (sample included). It's from Thomas Newman's fantastic score for the film Road to Perdition. Specifically, it's track 26 titled "Road to Perdition":
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    Alien 3

    FOUND IT!!! "Forces Unleashed" by Barbara Courtney-King / Steve Davies / Bill McGillivray Composed for the KPM Music Library KPM 125 - IMPRESSIONS - VOLUME 2 Track 5 (with choir) & Track 6 (without choir) Link:
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    Sleep No More promo video

    Re: Score used in Sleep No More promo vid I think it's from Ennio Morricone's score for The Untouchables.
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    military march?

    It's "Army Strong" by composer Mark Isham. Go to and download his free collection titled "In Uniform" to get the mp3.