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    Travelers Insurance "Risk"

    Wasn't that guy the parking garage attendant in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"?
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    Cinnamon toast crunch commercial

    Sorry folks. I'm getting Travelocity and Travelodge mixed up. lol
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    Cinnamon toast crunch commercial

    They play the Travelocity commercial a ton during "NASCAR Raceday" on Speed, and then during the races on Fox. I doubt anyone else in the US watches this show, but the song was played on an episode of "Footballers Wive$" on BBC America. In case anyone does watch the show, I think it was in...
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    Daytona 500 Chevy Commercial

    Are you talking about the hip hop version? Click on "Chevrolet Infield" to see the commercial.
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    Daytona 500

    Just before the start of the Daytona 500 Kelly Clarkson did a live performance. I had trouble understanding the lyrics of the second song she sang. What I was able to pick up went something like: "One minute you laugh" I haven't been able to find what song this is. Does anyone here know...
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    NASCAR Banquet 400 Post-Race

    At the close of the post-race interviews, a really fast rock rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" was played. Who's the artist? Thanks. :-)
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    I apologize. You can't download the song from the MySpace site. I saw the download link, but failed to notice that it was grayed out. You can still listen to it in its entirety, though.
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    It's listed on the Chili's website. The song is "Rocket" by a Scottish band called El Presidente. El Presidente's website: Their MySpace page: It looks like you can download the song from their MySpace page.
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    Allstate NASCAR

    Here's a link to the commercial: My lyrics searches seem to come up empty. Does anyone know this song? Thanks.
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    Burger King Big Bucking Chicken

    This commercial is a few months old now, but they started playing it in my area again recently. It's the cowboy chicken rodeo one. View the commercial here: Does anyone know if Burger King released an MP3 of this song like they did for the Coq Roq (heavy metal chicken fries) commercials...
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    CSI Miami Season 4

    Is that the Mexican gangsta rap song? I was wondering that, too.
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    New Wave Kia Sedona Commercial....

    I'm not even sure it's a real song, but the new wave tune is stuck in my head. The commercial has this Howard Jones look-alike playing keyboards, singing something like, "The cash comes back to me..." There's some girl who says she has 10 earrings. There's another girl with a portable...
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    That 70s Show

    Are you talking about the song they sang in the car at the very end of the finale? That clip was actually taken from a first season episode. The song is "Hello It's Me" by Todd Rundgren.
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    That 70s Show

    If this is the same promo they've been showing for the last two weeks, it's Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road".
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    Allstate NASCAR

    The same 4 girls in an SUV (from the last Allstate commercial) see Kasey Kahne, and each of them has this fantasy of being with him. While they're caught up in the fantasy, a giant tire topples over onto Kasey's car. The song in the commercial goes something like "When I'm with you, I'm always...