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    Dodge truck

    Unfortunately tracks composed specifically for TV ads are rarely released commercially.
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    suzuki commercial

    Have a look just a few threads down this page. :usesearch:
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    Pepsi and iTunes

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    Pretty Ricky song 'Your body'

    I guess you're looking for the 'Radio Version'. Currently only available on a 12" single. CD single should be out next month.
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    suzuki car comercial

    See this thread. Please remember to :usesearch:
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    kia amanti

    Already answered here.
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    Nissan Navara

    New commercial for the Nissan Navara features 'La Resa Dei Conti' (Paying Off Scores) by ENNIO MORRICONE from the soundtrack of 'For A Few Dollars More'. :arrow: iTunes View ad here.
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    U.S. Navy Commercial

    Check out this thread.
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    Hummer H2

    Hummer has a great website which features all its TV ads together with details of the songs used: Track is called 'Debutante' by JACK DRAG. (Track 1)
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    Chevy HHR "Music Revolution"

    View ad here (Commercials > Chevy HHR).
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    Honda Civic Rebirth "Keyhole"

    View commercial here (Honda / Keyhole).
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    Paradise Now

    End track is 'Orange Sky' by ALEXI MURDOCH. :arrow: iTunes
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    Missy Elliot & Ninjas

    koleeta, You're right. Track is from The Cookbook - 'Joy' (feat. Mike Jones). Listen to sample here (Track 1).
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    The O.C. Theme Remix? in s03e02

    It's an acoustic version of 'California' by PHANTOM PLANET. Rumours are that it will be included on 'The OC: Mix 5' which is due for release in November.
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    Sony Ericsson W800 Walkman Phone

    Sony Ericsson's answer to the Motorola/iTunes ROKR, the W800 'Walkman' phone has just been released in Europe. View TV ad here. First track is 'Dirty Little Thing' by VELVET REVOLVER. :arrow: iTunes Second track - ??? (Answers below please!) Then a little BARRY MANILOW - 'Copacabana'...