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    Save The Children or Unicef

    Ok, I actually can't remember the number of year, but it's a few years back. It's either an STC or Unicef ad, can't remember specifically. The music consists simply by an acoustic guitar playing through the whole 30'ish long commercial. Very simple tune, though very emotional. Have been looking...
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    which song

    Finding an answer for this is like finding a needle in a big haystack... I was in L.A, Jan-Mar-2008, and I heard this song in a commercial, (I'm sorry I can't remember what commercial it was) and now it's stuck in my head (STILL!). I have to find it!!! It's like asking a dude if he has seen the...
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    The Time Traveler's Wife

    I really want this track, please help! <- It's in this trailer, so it must exist some place out there. Can someone please help me find it? It's not on youtube, just a karaoke version of it. Broken by Lifehouse.
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    Next song!

    Hey! I'm gonna make a short list of songs, and I was wondering if anyone knew any other bands/songs which relates to the sound/feel of the songs on my list? The list: Thriving Ivory - Hey Lady Augustana - Sweet and Low Robbie Robertson - Shine your light Ferras - Hollywood's not America Ross...
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    Ladder 49 <- Think you could buy the whole album from there. Nowhere to find Shine your light instrumental. I'll only have to settle with the trailer music from "The Great Debaters". "1:56".
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    Ladder 49

    Ladder 49 OST Does anyone know if I could find a instrumental version of "Shine Your Light" by Robbie Robertson? And for Audacity users... Not what I'm looking for. Any help would be appriciated! Regards