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    Kia ad msuic (going in circles)

    Hey all, I really did try. There is this Kia ad with a bunch of Kias driving in a circle. Trying to find the music for that, supposedly it's an old song. Thanks to anyone that can point in the right direction. Sergio
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    New York State Lottery

    There is a NY Lottery commerical, where the Dog finally gets a buck, buys a lotto ticket, and ends up in a limo with three french poddles. Anyone know the tune playing there? Thanks! Sergio
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    applebee's commercial

    i did an archivce search on applebee and applebees and got NOTHING but thanks
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    applebee's commercial

    it sounds like frankie valie, but am so sure it's not... i like ....." repeated, but i dont have enough words to google... anyone know? thanks ahead
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    Pepsi diner

    what's that rap song name, and by whom? "best friend" is it called? and honest, i did a search here for PEPSI SUEPRBOWL AD...all i came up with was the one for free music
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    HP Invent Digital Photo

    but what did you do a search for mellisa? i searched for HP Pictures and got nothing....other than my own thread now ;-)
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    HP Invent Digital Photo

    So there is this HP commercial about digital photgraphy. And the soundtrack sounds liek a Cure tune, and the word picture or photo is in the lyrics....ahhhhh help me!!!! Thanks all..... :o :o :o :o :o
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    Apple iTunes for Windows

    HELP! there is this new ipod commercial. solid color(s) background, people where you only see their body in black, except for the iPod of course, and they are all dancing to this real ROCK tune. not today's rock style, if you know what i mean....does anyone know what tune this is, if it's...