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    Victoria's Secret rock!!!! that's it! I even emailed Victoria's Secret and they had no idea. lol...I'd completely given up hope on figuring out what the heck this song was that's been stuck in my head for all this time. Whew.... thanks again for the help!
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    Victoria's Secret

    Thanks aerodyne, but unfortunately that one wasn't it. The song from the commercial that I'm thinking of had a much more up tempo beat. Very 80's, lot's of keyboards. Ah well, I guess it'll just be stuck in my head forever!
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    Victoria's Secret

    Victoria's Secret had an old ad out a while back with Gisele in a black bra, I think it was one of their "body by Victoria" bras. The song used in the ad was very 80's sounding. Lot's of keyboards and effects. Kind of a sexy sounding song. Any ideas what it might have been? I've seen lots of...