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    Wimbledon tennis

    Song Help Please?!?!? Was wondering if anyone could help me with the piece of music playing from 0:12 to 0:36. It's Channel 9's (Australian TV Channel) old theme music for Wimbledon. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. EDIT: I tried using Shazam on my phone but because it has...
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    Fox Sports 2011 French Open

    I was wondering what this piece of music is. Unfortunately this is only near the end of the ad but if anyone knows what the piece of music is, that would be awesome. :)
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    Foxtel Box Office On Demand

    Hey, does anyone know the latest Foxtel Box Office Promo Ad music is. Here's what I picked up. "You Gonna Stay With Me, Run Away With Me" "You Gonna Stay With Me, Run Awayyyyy With Me" Then later on. "You Gonna Stay With Me, Waiting For You" "Waiting For You" If anyone can help, that would...
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    Song Help Please!?!?!

    Hey, I've heard this song on the radio and I need help as I don't know what it's called. It's by a female and it's a club/dance song. "Can You Feel It In The Air" "I can feel it coming, coming". That's the only two lines I know. Any help would be great.
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    Inside Cricket on Foxtel

    Re: Song Help!?!?!? Groove Armada - But I Feel Good Quality song.
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    Inside Cricket on Foxtel

    On the latest episode of Inside Cricket on Foxtel, just near the end they played a piece of music while showing some highlights of the Ford Ranger Cup. It's a pretty famous song, I actually can't believe I don't know what it's called. But two lines I sort of picked up were as follows and they...
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    Song Help Please?!?!?

    It's OK, I've found it. It's called Runnin by Doman & Gooding. AMAZING song!!!
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    Song Help Please?!?!?

    I've tried Google and I've found one that sounds close. Jodeci - You Bring Me Up But when I went on Youtube, the lyrics sounded right, but it wasn't the same beat. I think it must be a Remix to this Song if that's a help for anyone.
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    Song Help Please?!?!?

    Hey, there's a song I really like but don't know the name. Here's a few lines I remember in no particular order. It's a Dance style song, pretty upbeat style. Not sure how new it is or not, but I'd say the last 6-12 months old. Here's some of the lines I remember. "You bring me up, you bring...
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    Anyone Know This Song - Having Major Problems?

    OMG! :D OMG! :D OMG! :D OMG! :D Thank You SO much. Your are a legend!!!! This is the one. :D Cheers mate, MUCH appreciated. I owe you one. :)
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    Anyone Know This Song - Having Major Problems?

    Yeah I'm looking for this song. It's been playing at work and no one knows what it's called there either. It's a realatively new Rock song, probably early 09- onwards. I heard it again today, making sure I really listened hard to the Lyrics and I wrote down some of the lines. I typed them into...