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    SOAPNet One Tree Hill The OC Days

    If it helps, it's probably one of these songs, because I was watching this episode today and they played the same song (if we're thinking of the same one) while the team was getting worked really hard by Dan. Hope that helps, I've...
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    Just My Luck

    Yes that's it, that Rilo Kiley song! Awesome, thank you it was bothering me not knowing the song to get the lyrics
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    Just My Luck

    Does anyone know the song playing in the background of the TV spots for the new Lindsay Lohan movie 'Just My Luck'? It's kind of obnoxious, and basically repeats the same lyrics over and over, though I can't figure out exactly what the lyrics are.
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    VH1 Celeb-reality

    I was watching VH1 today, and there was a commercial on for Celeb-reality, but I came into the room only for the end of it, so I didn't see exactly what shows it featured, and there was a song, the lyrics I can remember were "Put on a dance for" and then something about "romance for." Thanks in...
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    Garden State

    Wow, haven't thought about this in almost a year, but I looked up that Travis song on iTunes and that was it! YAY!
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    VH1 Commercial

    That's it, awesome! Thanks so much for the fast response!
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    VH1 Commercial

    I'm looking for the song in the commercial for America's Next Top Model marathon that was on last Sunday (2/5/06). The lyrics I heard were "Everybody thinks that they're in love, they're dead wrong" Any help would be great! :)
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    Suzuki Forenza

    Nevermind i just saw it and it's been answered. Oops.
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    Comcast Commercial

    There's this new Comcast: Focused on Community-type commercial running in my area (Connecticut), and the topic is how gun control hits home and hurts families, and so forth. There's a slow song with no lyrics, just a woman vocalizing (sounds almost like some of the music in Gladiator or...
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    Sears Commercial

    The lyrics mention monkeys, hanging around like monkeys and stuff like that. The commercial is about these teenagers just hanging out in their rooms, and it's kind of a goofy song. Any help would be great :)
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    It's Such Great Heights, the acoustic version by Postal Service. It's featured on the Garden State soundtrack, and the non-acoustic version was recently in the promos for 'Grey's Anatomy'.
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    Everything You Want Commercial

    I'm trying to figure out the song playing in the background of the commercial for the ABC Family Channel "Original Movie" 'Everything You Want' with Shiri Appleby and Nick Zano. It's a slow song and it doesn't seem to have any words, so it's possible it was made just for the commercial, but I...
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    Garden State

    I thought this was pretty much a dead topic, since I hadn't seen the commercial in a while and couldn't remember how the song went, but then out of the blue there it is on the TV Guide Channel once again! The lyrics now sound something like "Love will overcome", it's a slow song with a guitar...
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    Garden State

    I'm not even sure what I remember about it now, because I haven't seen it since, it's very possible it's that Postal Service song, but one thing I'm absolutely sure of is that it is not the Frou Frou song let go. That is the one song on the soundtrack whose lyrics and background beat I would...
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    Garden State

    No, unfortunately it isn't Frou Frou because I have the soundtrack and that isn't what this particular song sounds like. It also definitely isn't Drops of Jupiter, it has a different beat than that song, which I've also heard before. Haven't seen the commercial on that channel since posting...