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    The Mazda Story "The Craftsmen" promo

    Hi someone knows the music of this commercial thank's in advance for help me! :D
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    Reebok 50 Cent

    oh Yes ;) is the strumental version of I believe it is God gave thanks :D
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    The Sharp Aquos Advert NOT THE PIANO one

    it's the same but ... I think that the composer is not Elias This ad it's call "The Key" and I've found those information Sound Design: Ripe Sound - San Rafael Sound Designer: Andy Newell [form] Someone have find something else? :unsure: thank's Bye
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    Flower by Kenzo

    maybe..... :rolleyes: autor : Martina Topley-Bird song: Lulluby from cd: “Anything ” a sample here in Italy will be this .... but the adv will on air in december Hope it will help you ciao ;)
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    Microsoft Ad

    maybe... but I don't know it's name... sorry :( search with google "Jonathan Elias " ..he's very famous bye ;)
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    Mentos Commercial

    Autor: Clinic Music : D.P. I hope that it's this :unsure: bye ;)
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    Microsoft Ad

    the claim is “Your potential, our passion”? The song it's an original composition performed by Jonathan Elias - Santa Monica bye ;)