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    Extra Gum "The Story of Sarah & Juan"

    How can questions be marked as solved so they do not stay in front of other unsolved questions?
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    Car commercial from last night during The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

    Any idea which car commercial it is for? Any other ideas that may be helpful?
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    Coca-Cola "Fritz" time-travel

    Re: Bizarre Coca-Cola All of the music production/ad agency names are to the right of the video under "description". It is most likely a custom song created specifically for the spot. You can try contacting the advertising agency at:
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    The media agency PHD created part of the ad so I would contact them to found out which music production library song they licensed to use in the commercial.
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    Band of Brothers

    Good find. Better late than never.
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    FXX 21 Jump Street

    Re: FXX 21 Jump Street Ad Do you have a link to the ad with the song in question?
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    The Walking Dead

    That is the type of song that the company X-Ray Dog produces.
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    Try: Paul Anka - "Freedom For The World" Start the video at the 0:53 second mark.
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    Pringles Christmas

    Contact Procter & Gamble to find out who the advertising agency is that created the ad. The song sounds like it is most likely from a music production library which is not intended for public use. There are several different versions of this commercial that were created for different countries...
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    Law & Order SVU

    Re: Ion television law and order svu commercial song Try these songs: The XX - "Blood Red Moon" or The Hives - "Blood Red Moon"
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    2 Broke Girls

    Do you have a link to the promo with the song in question?
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    Saving Silverman

    Re: Saving Silverman Song? The song you are looking for is: Act Of Faith - "Wanna Get To Know You" The band had to change their name to The Green Motel for trademark issues which made finding information about the band or song difficult to obtain. Source...
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    The Campaign

    "Stay With It" by Only Won
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    Pronovias 2012 Bridalwear Fashion Show ft Karolina Kurkova: La Nuit Blanche

    Craig Armstrong - "Business: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3"