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    Adtunes Reunion... Anyone?

    Melissa!! Rhonda!! Oh my! Melissa, my fb was hacked and you can now find me under another name. Just look for my yahoo address. Rhonda!! How's Connor?!! I'm still living in Houston. I quit my 9 to 5 and opened up a little shop in Traders Village called Erika's Eclectic Emporium. I've been...
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    Sounds like Foo fighters?

    I always catch the end " I like this city tonight, I like this this city alright"
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    Red Riding Hood

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    lol no it was more technoish.. it was the frat party i should say.
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    Whats the song playing during the party?
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    Forever 21 in-store

    THATS IT!!!! I love you!!
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    woooaaa hi!

    Hi guys! Who's still around? Its moi Erika!
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    Forever 21 in-store

    I thought I had a brain? pop song I was in forever 21 the other day and there was this really awesome pop song on its by a girl and the lyrics were something like. I thought I had a brain but I guess I didn't.?? Anyone heard of it. Its like a punk dance song.
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    Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami

    Hi. Does anyone know the name of the song when they went to the gay club with that girl Kourtney was hanging out with? I think a verse say. Welcome to my hello life.. or something.
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    Axe Instinct "The Power of Leather"

    Noooooooooo. Thank you very much :)
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    Axe Instinct "The Power of Leather"

    It doesn't sound like her. I get a death in vegas vibe but no luck so far. thank you for finding the commercial.
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    Axe Instinct "The Power of Leather"

    Re: Newest Axe Commerical Ok its Axe Leather buuuut its not the i look good in leather song thats all over the place.
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    Axe Instinct "The Power of Leather"

    Re: Newest Axe Commerical Negative. It may be too new? Uhhh I'm dying
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    Axe Instinct "The Power of Leather"

    Ok i saw this one at the movies for Public Enemies (don't see btw). Its a woman singing really sexy voice and the camera is following some blackish sheets that in the end is a silhouette of a woman. Ive tried looking for it on youtube and googling it but no luck. Erika