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    Nine Days

    Does anybody know the music used in this trailer? The comments are saying its possibly Antonio Pinto, who is apparently scoring the film, but no one seems to know for sure.
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    For Life

    I can't find it online (there are several promos posted, but none featuring the song I'm looking for) but there's a commercial that would play all the time for the tv show "For Life" featuring a song with the lyrics that go something like 'we are one, we are human, we are strong...' and repeats...
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    GMC 2020 Sierra Dramatic Commercial Music

    Just saw this new GMC ad on tv and I must find this song! Its clearly a cover, but by who?
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    Adtunes Reunion... Anyone?

    I still use it, but pretty much only for movie trailer songs I'm looking for. I miss the good 'ole days :(
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    McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Olympics

    Does anyone know this song? Its so incredibly inspiring! The video doesn't allow comments :(
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    The Polar Express

    Still wanting to know what the 'hallelujah' song is
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    College Roomate Stories

    This was a fun thread. I revive it :cool:
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    how's it goin!
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    I'm in New Zealand :D After all these years! I'm spending my last semester of uni in Middle Earth! Just thought I'd share. I've been reading back through old posts from when I first joined and I miss you guys!
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    Royal Wedding of a Lifetime starts at 20:21
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    Royal Wedding of a Lifetime

    I was watching a show on Lifetime about Prince William and Kate, at the end a wonderful remix of Canon D is playing in the background. I've tried searching for it but all I find is trance remixes, it wasn't techno it just had a beat and was a bit more lively than the original.
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    need help identifying African sounding song

    All I remember is the chorus repeated 'ee-eh ee-oh' and contained the word 'Africa' at one point in the song. It was in English and I rememeber parts of the song sounding like they said 'one night stand' It was a very lively uplifting song.
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    Adtunes Reunion... Anyone?

    I know! I joined seven years ago, where does the time go? Not much going on, one semester left of school and I'm outta here. Which reminds me, I will have a gallery exhibition sometime in the next few months so if anyone is around oklahoma you should come! *stares pointedly at rhonda*
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    The "I am still alive" thread.

    *kick* *kick*
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    The "I am still alive" thread.

    I always was good at killin' threads...... <_<