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    The Mentalist

    That's it! Thank you kindly, sir. :D
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    The Mentalist

    In the past couple of days, I keep seeing a commercial for an upcoming television series called "The Mentalist". I was wondering, by chance, if anybody knew what the song was? All I can really tell you is that the singer is female. Thanks in advance.
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    Oh geeze, being a BSG fan myself, I should've known this. I knew I recognized it somewhere. But thanks so much, it was the right one. :)
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    I hope this is the correct forum... Anyways, I was wondering if anybody could tell me what the song is featured in the trailer, it's featured in the beginning after the first clip and again towards the end, it's the instrumental and just really good. Thanks to anyone that can help. :)
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    Prison Break

    I just saw a commercial tonight on Fox featuring Prison Break talking about the 2 hour brand new Prison Break on October 24th I believe. It featured a rock song, a really good one, if anybody could tell me that would rock. :)
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    The site for the movie just put up a second trailer, so I was wondering if anybody could tell me what the techno/trance song is 2 thirds-ish through is? Second Trailer.
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    The Inside

    Would anybody possibly know the theme song for 'The Inside' is? Thanks in advanced. :)
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    There's a new commercial out advertising the Elektra DVD coming out. The commercial has some sort of techno/trance-ish music in the background. Anybody know what it is? :huh: