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    does anyone know who the music is by in the latest subaru comm. there is a couple on ther honeymoon it looks like, the song starts like, kings and queens they bow down, ranchers and ranch hands, bow down to, and i have it all,... thats all i can remember, it seems like i always hear the comm. in...
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    Porsche "Engineered for Magic"

    i was wondering if they knew who the male singer is in the new porsche commercials, the one i seen have the new carerras advertised.. i was thinking it could be ray vaughn, but could not find anything.. it starts out, i feel good,i gotta feel good,.. thats all i could remember. thanks.
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    Encore Movie Channel

    does anybody know who the female singer is and or the song on this months encore channel movie preview commercial it has kind of a veruca salt, rock/metal flavour to it, i keep seeing the commercial on the western channel actually (kinda odd). it kinda starts out like.. im looking around at...