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    In the Land of Women

    second 42 is where the song starts what song is that?
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    Roll Bounce

    The 4th song on the trailer, after the 3 clips in the beggining. Wondering the name of th e song.
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    Its been used by Enzyte and Adult Swim, whats the song?
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    Corn Pops

    Anyone remember this commercial? it was a corn pops commercial which started with the tune in question and a stick figure dancing, till about the end there were tons of them.
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    The Simpsons Season 6

    I found it. Madame Butterfly - Un Bel Di Vedremo :X
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    Donnie Darko

    I just saw the directors cut. It shows a lot more scenes then in the original (obviously) some important, some useless, and some minor details that somehow give more character development. The chapters of the philosophy of time travel were shown in the film, but they mainly focused on just a...