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    Harrah's Casino

    Ok I admit, I'm watching too many commercials, but this one has been on awhile and has me stumped. It is an ad for Harrah's Casino in San Diego, CA, showing their new hotel and it is just a man whistling, with some techno at the end, latin-feel rhythm? Can't find any information about it. Thanks.
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    Storage Wars

    Who sings the opening song for the Storage Wars show? Sounds country, something like, you dont own this town?" and harmonica is playing. The song is always on in the beginning when the bidders are introduced. Thanks.
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    MLB Milwaukee Brewers and Arizona Diamondbacks 7th inning stretch

    What is the name of the song during the Milwaukee Brewers and Arizona Diamondbacks 7th inning stretch song, male voices sing, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, yeah YEAH?" couldnt make out the rest of the song/ Thanks.
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    Person of Interest

    Saw several promos for the tv show "Person of Interest". There were only parts of the music audible, due to the dialogue, but there were male singers and a piano background. "Everything's all right" was the only words I could make sense of. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Always Infinity Feminine Product

    Saw ad for Always Infinity Feminine Product during Bravo's Flipping Out show. Techno instrumental. Ideas? The ad portrays scientists in a research lab. Thanks. Alison
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    BMW X3

    Although this particular ad campaign has been out for a few months, it caught my attention again. It shows people throwing snowballs, then climbing into a BMW, a male voice starts singing after a brief instrumental intro; I could not make out all of the words in the beginning; --"come on-we're...
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    Tide "Closet Raid" liquid detergent

    Re: Tide liquid detergent Yes! Thank-you. That is the correct version
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    Tide "Closet Raid" liquid detergent

    Re: Tide liquid detergent I went to website of Tide and it is for the Tide Stain Lifter commercial dubbed "Closet Raid".No mention of the song though.
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    Tide "Closet Raid" liquid detergent

    Re: Tide liquid detergent Ah, unfortunately, the Cait Da Lee song is not the one that seems to be featured in the tide commercial--it is more disco upbeat.
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    Tide "Closet Raid" liquid detergent

    Hi, I am looking for Tide liquid detergent ad with disco beat. Mother of teen daughter borrows green top of daughter's to go out partying with gf's and gets a stain on the top, uses Tide to get it out, and daughter doesn't know top was borrowed. Commercial airs mostly at night.TIA. I did try...
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    Hawaii Five-0

    At end of show Monday , showed clips of next week's episode. Who is singing 'Gimme Shelter ? Didn't sound like Rolling Stones version. Thanks
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    Brothers & Sisters Season 5

    At the end of Sunday's "Brothers and Sisters" which shows next week's preview, there is a guitar then a man's voice singing 'Cause I've never felt like this before..." I tried various search methods, but there wasn't enough of the song to get a match. Any ideas? Thanks
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    The Defenders

    What is the name of the song on the new tv show "The Defenders?". It is usually played briefly on the trailer. There are no lyrics that I could hear. Sounds like 70's or early 80's . Thanks
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    Saw part of the Movie "Trust" on LMN. From what I could see in the credits, most of the song titles were by a Jennifer Lauron Goldberg, but I could not find anything on her. The ending showed scenes of artists' paintings for sale, and the last song had the ending lyrics "thru every storm comes...
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    Thank-you so much!