Who did the trailer music for the teaser trailer? I know it's a cover mash-up of "Arabian Nights" and "Friend Like Me" but what company composed this piece?

P.S. How come no one posts replies on here anymore? This place is almost a ghost town!

Yea, this kinda lame TV ad was from a while ago but I'm still curious about what the artist/song is at the end....

I want to know the music in the trailer, to be exactly, the first minute.

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone can identify the music used in First Man Trailer #2. Here's the link to it: .


This is a Netflix film coming out in April, this trailer just came out during the Superbowl and the music if beautiful. Does anyone happen to know what the music is called? Thanks in advance!

I'm trying to find the music that starts at :39 seconds into the trailer. It's pretty catchy and has a keyboard/synth almost xylophone-like sound to it.

Here's a link to the exact timestamp when the song starts:

Miss Bala

Trailer # 1

CHROMA's remix of Portugal. The Man - “Tidal Wave.”

The song at 1:25 is Crocodile Rock by Baha Men. Does anyone know the other pieces of music, more specifically the first one?

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