Hi all!

There are a number of songs I'm really wanting to know the names/composers of and I hope someone here can help.

These songs can be heard on the 24/7 weather TV network titled "Weatherscan", and were previously believed to be in-house production tracks. However, it was discovered that the National Geographic documentary "Human Footprint" contains many of these songs, which leads me to believe that they were indeed sourced from a production library.

Here are some of the songs I'm looking for:

identical to

identical to

(There are probably more that I am forgetting as well)

If anybody recognizes these songs or any of the songs heard in "Human Footprint" or Weatherscan (besides the Trammell Starks and Jack Mascari tracks), please let me know. I've been dying to find out the composer of these songs for quite some time and this forum is probably my only hope. Thank you!!

Just what the post title says: I'm looking for details on an old commercial using Peter Gabriel's "Come Talk to Me". I'm fairly sure it was for AT&T, but that might be wrong. Anyone remember this, or am I crazy?

Does anyone know the name of the last song (orchestra) in the trailer? Or simply know where this soundtrack's come from? Maybe from another movie...


(Sorry for my english..)

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with a song that played at about 45 minutes into the first episode of this season's "Ride". It's a female singer, with a bit of a retro Dusty Springfield vibe and the opening lyrics are "Riding in your car I don't know where, I never bothered asking you my dear".

Thanks all.

Does anyone remember a TV commercial from some years ago that used the song "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"? This was not a beer commercial - it featured a short, not conventionally beautiful woman who walked cheerfully down the street, getting stares from all the men she passed, while the song played in the foreground. I don't remember much else (I guess the commercial didn't work very well!), including whether the song was the original by the Four Seasons or one of its many covers, but I've been curious about it since it disappeared from the air, and I'd be thrilled if someone knew what the commercial was for, and who the actress was.

Anyone have any idea what the song is that starts at 0:15 and plays until the end of the trailer?

Also, as a bonus, does anyone know the scream sound fx that plays at 0:48? It appeared in a Bye Bye Man tv spot like two years ago, so it's not a scream that comes from this movie.

Begins at 1:09, I am dying to figure out what this piece is called

Anyone know the music used in this trailer?

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