Does anyone recall a Saturn car commercial from around 1996 - 98 where there is a moving shot within a Saturn car plant that's in black and white. In the background there is a very busy sounding acid jazz/latin feeling song with a flute and a electric keyboard playing a melody. I have been looking for this song for years. Thanks for the help.

Does anybody know what music is playing late in the Corona "Another Corona gets its lime" commercial? There is snippet of a song in which a woman is
singing "In the afternoon" and we only hear a few notes of the song. It is also used in another commercial, I'm just not sure at this time which one.

I have been searching like mad to find the song that plays in this clip. I have the OST but this song is not on it. Any ideas?

Never mind the razor, LISTEN TO THOSE HORNS! Wonderful music!

Yes I have written to Wilkinson Sword here but meantime if anyone can answer any of those questions I'd be grateful.

Who composed it? Is it from the Star Wars film, is it music by John Williams, or is has it been especially composed for the Wilkinson Sword advert? Is the music available on line without the ad's voice-over? Where?

Anyone know the music in this promo? (Season 3 Episode 9 Promo)

Looking for this song.... I've google lyrics but I'm not coming up with anything.

Kiss me with your eyes
I can see your smile tonight
No one really knows

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