I was watching this on the NHL Network and during the segment when they covered the 2007 All Star Game (yes 2007), they played this song I've been trying to ID. I think it's the same one I heard in a car commercial that aired in October/November 2007. When I heard it in the car commercial, there was singing. In NHL All Access 2008, it was only the background music. The song went something like "everything is gunna be alright". I'm NOT referring to the Alicia Keys' song, "No One". The song I heard sounded like rock, not rap or r&b. Anyone have an idea? It's been bothering me for a long time. thanks

What's the song played at the end of the movie when they're on the baseball field? I don't remember the lyrics... but it's when he finally kisses her, at the very end of the movie.

May be a tad outdated. Female singer. "...hold on a little bit tighter now baby...". Anyone know the song? The Singer? Etc? Thanks!


There is a piece of electronic music from ITV's 2007 broadcast of the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix that I'd like to identify. I've heard it elsewhere, but this broadcast is the only place I remember it from by name. A clip of the broadcast is viewable here. I'm not sure if the music that plays in the first several seconds is part of the electronic piece that comes after.


I cannot find a video or link unfortunately. The commercial is with a draught keg in the foreground and a series of different shots of people at a house party in the background, with the keg as the only static object in the party. Sort of like stop-motion animation.

Lyrics are by a male voice and go something like this:

"Do you do you, do you wanna
Do you do you, do you wanna
Wanna go, where I've never let you before
Doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo"

There is a scene where they are lowering parts for a machine called 'The Mole' - which is a rock borer, and it is playing this ambient techno for about 5 minutes as it shows the machine getting lowered into the water tunnel.

Does anyone know anything about it?

I can't find a Youtube clip of it anywhere =[

If anyone watched the football game on ABC on Nov 1 2008 around 11 pm (4th quarter), a BMW commercial played that touted the factory service/maintenance program that comes free with the purchase of a car.

It had a mirage of blue and white colors (some soothing graphics basically) and in the background some piano piece (like Craig Armstrong) was playing. Apparently it's very new b.c I've exhausted every Google search option and have come up with nothing. Anyone else seen it/know a link to watch again?

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