I was wondering if anyone had a clue as to where this music is from/ what company produced it?

there is an instrumental song playing during the AXE dry commercial where the guy sweats buckets and drenches his girlfriend. Any idea the name of the song?

Hello everyone i would like to know the music for this nice TV ad as i tried many other alternatives
video URL is


Valley Winter Song by Fountains of Wayne

Here's a YouTube of the song (not the L.L. Bean ad)

what is the name of the song that plays in the KIA commercial where the good looking woman is jogging?

ok i saw this commercial on tnt it was just a regular bottle of bud light with a lime being twisted over it and then the bottle turned clear and it had lime written on the bottom of it there is a girl singing in the background who i say sounds a little like nelly furtado but a little less raspy the song kind of sounds a little indie poppish but anyway i can't get it out of my head please anyone that knows this song or the person that sings it please let me know in the mean time you can watch the commercial at

Hello, I saw this Verizon Wireless ad for their new phones...
The lyrics are: "I've Been Waiting For You..."

you can hear the song/clip here:

What is the song from the "PlayStation Network" commercial? Where there are a bunch of people on a city street, and they all have different video shots from PS games on their shirts. The song is kinda upbeat, guitar based, and sung by a guy. It starts out as "Things just keep multiplying, from house to house, from street to street", "we covered that city with a simple three chord song" there's more after that, but I can't really make out exactly what he's saying.

Thanks. :)

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