anybody know who sings the Levi's commerical with 'Walk the Line'?

I first heard this piece on the 1984 CBS/Fox VHS video of Tora! Tora! Tora! During the opening advertisement of additional home videos they feature a montage entitled "Hollywood goes to war" focusing on WWII films. The medley plays in the background as several movies are featured and then changes once it gets to Von Ryan's Express and continues on through The Desert Fox and Patton. It has the classical sound with a decidedly upbeat tempo. I believe it might be Jerry Goldsmith, but I'll be darned if I can find it under his posted work. I have heard this before in radio commercials and a couple of TV advertisements (It seems somewhat popular for high octane war/combat themes). I am particularly interested in the piece played between Von Ryan's Express and Patton during the advertisements and would appreciate any help that can be offered. Thank you very much.

The Mountain West Conference plays a promo during games for their teams and my son really likes the song and I don't think it is too bad either, but I have no idea who is singing it or what the title is...

The refrain is "you're gonna say it, you're gonna say it" Heavy guitars and catchy.

Can anybody give me a hand here? Thanks for your time....

Really want to know what this is if possible!

The advert shows people getting wet & splashed with mud!

The song is superb, any help appreciated, cheers.


What are some of the artists used for the Commerical Ads seen Showtfme Channel promoting the new shows such as United States of Tara, The L Word, and Secret Diary of a Call Girl ? I am trying to find these artists on iTunes and since I don't know the songs they hard for me to find unless I know the lyrics.

A few years ago there was a commercial with two or three teenage guys who were friends working bad summer jobs. I think one of them at least was a mascot for a very small restaurant. Everything was in red, black, and some white. I think it was a Target commercial. iirc you could see their features like of the face so they weren't just colored shapes. I would like to know the name of the song played in that commercial.

Anyone know the name at the end of entourage on 6/17? Some of the lyrics are

" somebody call my baby.....

always around to please me.....

feels so clean,


she loves everybody"

Anyone dialed in on the song playing during the Atari Godzilla Commercial, a video game for the Wii?

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