Hello. I remember this song being on one of the old Brita commercials. Also, I hear it all of the time on my smooth jazz radio, but they never seem to tell the name of the song. I have uploaded a clip of my humming the tune.

Please tell me what this song is. Thanks

anyone know what the song played during the commercial is? Sounds like stereolab to me but i can't seem to find the answer by googling or even find a link to the commercial to try tunatic to analyze/identify the song..

here's the website:

edit: the same song is also played on the family dollar/kimberly-clark "answer to education" commercial where they tout winners can pick a school to recieve $20,000 to the school of their choice, and win a free laptop.

I'm looking for the music in the US Navy Commercial here:

I can't find it. Hope someone can help...GREAT song!


Does anyone know what this cute little tune is in the Progressive hotel commercial? It's the one with the clarinet. Thanks!

Anyone know the two songs that play during the scene descriptions?

Hi everyone, there is a commercial from of a girl and a guy in a shanty farm singing what it sounds like a very soft, love country music song. The guy is playing a Guitar and the woman is singing alongside him. If anybody can tell me the name of the song, the artist (s) would be awesome!!

anyone know what this track is?
click on "tic tac on tv" then "transformations"


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