Does anyone know the music to the new facebook-themed Dentyne commercial?

I gotta know what's the song for this commercial.
Please help.:)

I'm looking for the song title/artist for Rich Franklin's intro song from UFC 53 where Franklin fights Tanner

USA is running a spot promoting Character Approved honorees including Lupe Fiasco and Shepard Fairey (artist who created Barack Obama's Hope image) ...

Does anyone know what music is used for this spot? It's the one that lists all seven winners and goes through what they're known for.


I know this song is by The Hombres and all, but the discovery channel either added onto the song or they found a newer version of it.. Anyone know if you can download the song??

First off, I always really enjoy the Lexus commercials, especially the music.

I apologize if this commercial has already been discussed but I could not find anything when doing a search.

I have been seeing the Lexus LS commercial a lot lately with the car driving around the city completely covered in snow. I really really like the song used for it.

I know in the past Lexus has created their own music for commercials but I was hoping this was a real song. Anybody know what the song is?

Here is the video of it:


Its played during the film at the part where seth green and his brother get dragged up the communications tower at airport airfield, its most definately a real famous orchestra song, and has been used everywhere, i just cant name it, it is also not on the soundtrack.

Volkswagen commercial with dialog along the lines of "I think we were in a car commercial..." guy and girl driving @ night, drive past the Das Auto Beetle and his mic falls over, followed by the chorus of the song in question, any help is appreciated, thanx! :wub::wub: It's for the new Passat CC, doi, I just saw the commercial again, watch it here

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