hi i search music witch commercial orange witch Tiger this is ink

Please what is track in this commercial ??????

There was a promotional commercial playing on HBO in December of 2008 for the movies playing on HBO during the holiday season. It featured movies already playing on HBO, e.g.: The Simpsons Movie, Transformers, Shrek The Third etc... The song had a female singer who kept singing the lyrics "say what you will".

The song had a holiday type sound to it, and the commercial featured movie screens on strings that were moved around like puppets. Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but I can't quite describe in any other way. The commerical ended with the words "Happy Holidays".

The singer sounded somewhat like Sarah Mclachlan but it's not her.

If anyone remembers this commerical or knows the singer, please let me know!


Hi all,

Does anyone know what the background music is to this recent Allstate "Back to Basics" commercial? (

Or is it just something that was composed specifically for this spot? I'd love to know of the song if it does exist.


I have a song that I would like to have identified.

The tune I need help with is almost like: hee hee haa haa hee hee aaaaaaahhhhh ha haaaa , almost sounds like clannad but not sure.

It starts when the voice says: " Hers is a heavenly mix ...."

I also heard this many years ago on a documentary for the late Princess Diana.

Hope anyone can assist.


Hey there's this song in the first episode of the real world austrailia that i liked, it sounds like electronica. I can't remember what scene the song was played in,but i think some lyrics were "let's drive our racecars".. something like that. Thanks for any help.

What is the song that plays on hildy taylors cell phone when it rings??????

Hello gang !

I have been hearing the new knorr soup commercial, but i cannot get the name of the song, or the artist singing. I just know that it ends by "It's so easy, It's so easy".
Anybody can help ?

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