I stumbled across this youtube video of a German TV ad for Netto, a grocery chain in Germany. The TV ad features cats shopping at a supermarket with a catchy techno song playing.

Anyone know the name of song/artists who sings it?

Thanx in Advance

Okay, so it's a new TV series made my Tyler Perry called Too Close To Home for TLC. The trailer was either 15 or 30 seconds long, but the music in the background was intriguing to me. It sounded a lot like Halsey, but I don't know for sure. All I can find is the full length trailer though, and it doesn't have any music in it. Anyone know what it might be??

Anyone know the music used in this trailer?

Anyone know any of the music playing throughout the promo? Especially the first and second song?

I am looking for this song from Cinemax Summer 2016 commercial. I have two commercials from 2 different countries. Same song, but they have voiceover them.

I've tried all the music search engines, including Shazam, Soundhound and Midomi, they can't find it. :( I can hear the lyrics clearly but can't find the song according to them, which leads me to believe that it is some more unknown artist.

The lyrics go something like this:

Stick a ride into the night for shame and money
In my hand I hold the gun like in the movies
You're my man and I am yours
Catch me before I fall
I can't deal with this at all
Save me from this abyss
I was not cut out for this
Watch you ..... ...... baby
Bang Bang Bang
You pull the trigger on the gun baby
Watch you .....

Any help will be appreciated, thank you!

Even figuring out the title of the song or the missing lyrics I can't hear.

I've seen this ad a few times now and the melody of the music has managed to get stuck in my head. Anyone know the name of the track?

Thanks in advance!

What's the song in this "Diana" teaser? Thanks.

I liked the song, found it on YT:

The song is called Freedom, by Freedom Pitbull and you can find it at Amazon.

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