Can someone please tell me what the name of the song that plays in the middle of the "Girl Next Door" trailer", the part where the girl is stripping into the pool? The only lyrics i heard in it was "I Incinerate". It only plays for about 15 seconds near the middle of the trailer. Thanks

This is my first post, so hi everyone. I am looking for a song that was used in a very recent promo Starz aired for their premiere of Tomorrowland. I don't think it's airing anymore (as the movie just recently premiered on the channel) and I can't find it anywhere online. I'm posting this as a total shot in the dark. I've looked at the other forum for Tomorrowland cues on here and none of the songs were what I'm looking for. (I listened to them all, too - great research by the way!) I don't have the greatest speakers on my tv, but it was like an electronic orchestral piece with a big dubstep-like drop. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Anyone know the music used in this spot? Would appreciate any help.

I have a problem finding out the name of the song as well as the performer heard during the following trailer ( ) of a short-lived TV Series, named Canterbury's Law. Could you please watch/listen the trailer at the address specified above and tell me the name of the song as well as the performer. Thank you very much in advance.

Hi anyone know the track for this trailer? Thanks!

New film from acclaimed anime director Mamoru Hosoda is releasing March 4th in the US. This new trailer for the English dub has an incredible background song that, to my knowledge, is not from the film's soundtrack. Could anyone help me find out what it is?

Can anyone please tell me the name of the song playing in 'The Lobster' trailer? It sounds so familiar but I can't remember the name... Or is it an original soundtrack?

Here's the link to the video:

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