New Lexus commercial titled "Life's roads".

Here is the commercial:



Im not sure if this is right spot or not but is fanmade trailer does anyone recognize song

Not sure if this has been covered before or not, but I've been trying to find the music from the VW Jetta "Syncronicity" commercial in 1999. I know the tune was written by a band called Master Cylinder and the name of the song is Jung at Heart. I just can't seem to find anywhere that I can download it.

Anybody out there can help me?

Does anyone know the artist of the 'Deck the Halls' remix in this commercial. I can't say I like it..but finding the artist has become a maddening obsession

Anyone know the music in this trailer... the first cue starts at about 0:40 and the next (the one I'm seeking) comes in around 1:29.

Thanks for your help!

It would be great if someone could identify every piece of music in this documentary with the exception of the song "New Dawn Fades" by Moby which I recognized immediately. But at the very least if one could identify the source music at approximately 2 minutes, when Eeero's son begins to discuss his grandfather and father and at the 10:53 minute mark when they discuss Cranbrook.

Also 45 second mark of the above clip.

Thank you.


Oceans Of Time - Ninja Tracks


Attempted Kill Shot - Pitch Hammer Music
Hollow Souls - Robert Etoll

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