Using your manners at the table. What is the song, can't remember who the artists are? TIA!!:P

The NHL Network is running a promo for their All-Star Weekend coverage for 2016. I believe the lyrics are "it doesn't get better than this". It's sung by a male and is upbeat.

Does anyone know what it is?


Hey all...

I'm looking for the song/artist from the opening scene of the Pilot episode of Stan Lee's Lucky Man.

It starts with: Fortune is a fickle friend...

Female artist.

Thank you in advance for any help...



Does someone know the 2 choral tracks in the middle / end?
Thanks a lot!

What is the music in the new 2016 Honda Civic commercial? It shows a red Civic jumping hoops and flying thru the air. Catchy tune with a house music kind of beat

Can anyone tell me the background guitar music in the AmEx commercial with Paul Nicklen, the photographer tracking down a large bear in Alaska? Thanks.

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