I'm talking about the DirectTV commercial, one of a few, where they advertise the "pause in one room, continue watching in another" part of the service -- but in this one, it's a woman going room to room, watching something with people dressed in what looked like Victorian-era garb at a glance. Not sure, as I can't find the ad on YouTube. The music was piano-based.

For those who know the commercial I'm talking about -- what was that music?

I've heard this song on a few different videos, and even as the theme song on a micro site, but I cannot find out the name of this song! In this video it's playing in the background. Does anybody know? :D

[ame=""]YouTube - Tax Masters - Are You Being Audited[/ame]

Thanks if any of you can help me!

Anyone know the artist or group behind the Ray-Ban Tomatina Never Hide Commercial Video?

[ame=""]YouTube - Ray-Ban NEVER HIDE - Tomatina[/ame]

It is a spanish guitar piece with some synthesizer riffs thrown in at the end.

Excellent commercial and even better music - would love to identify it.

Any ideas?

What is the disco song that plays at the beginning of the Holloween party on Angel? Lorne sings it earleri in the episode too. Thanks.


The trailer for this movie has a great piece of music I thought people would want to know. The music is called Get Rhythm (Philip Steir remix)!/item/jg4d/Johnny...p+steir+remix+

Could anyone name the piano piece in the background? Thanks!
[ame=""]YouTube - The "Life in a Day" Trailer[/ame]

It's subtle, has faint female vocal, some fiddle, ad for women's vitamin supplement or osteoporosis. Who is this music by? Ty for any help! :rolleyes:


Does anyone know the music that plays over the opening credits in the Pilot episode of the TV show "30 Rock"? (This isn't the main saxophone theme that plays in later episodes - this is the pilot episode, where Tina Fey's character gives hot dogs to random people on the street).

As far as I can tell, lyrics go something like this:

"Who's that, I know that you're wondering
That's her (That's her, that's her, that's her, that's her)
Who's got the kind of charisma that the boys prefer
Who's hot and you know that she knows it
That's her
She's like a summer sky, a slice of cherry pie, the rarest butterfly..."

The clip of the song can be heard on the episode on iTunes.

Is this just an original song written for the show or is it an actual song?


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