Hey, I was wondering if anyone was able to track down the song that played in the pilot episode of Cougar Town when Courtney Cox's character is in the club? I wasn't able to catch any of the lyrics but if anybody can even point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it! Thanks so much in advance!

Looking for the music used in the latest iPad commercial -- the "If You Asked" one. Ad is below.

[ame=""]YouTube - Apple - iPad 2 - TV Ad - If You Asked[/ame]

Can anyone place this?

[ame=""]YouTube - 2011 NBA Finals Commercial : Michael Jordan[/ame]

Anyone know what the piano is?

OK, this is going to be a shot in the dark, but...

Does anyone know the song that was just recently in the commercial for "Year One" coming out on DVD? This song is a classical song and I remember it was also used in a scene from the movie "Bad Santa". It has loud crashing symbols and big drums. Not that this will help anyone and it will probably confuse the matter any more, here's my attempt at spelling out the sound that song makes:

da, duh-da duh-da da duh da dun dun dun dun dun da da duh-da

Sorry, this is all I can describe at the moment. Anyone have any ideas?

I wrote the Pasta Song, a tune currently being used with permission from me by Carrabba's restaurants in their new TV commercials. The song was originally recorded by my band, Bella Ciao (, and appears on our first CD, Legends of the Italian Lounge.

tom torriglia

What song was played in episode 22 A Hole in the Heart?

I was wondering what this piece of music is.

Unfortunately this is only near the end of the ad but if anyone knows what the piece of music is, that would be awesome. :)

[ame=""]YouTube - Fox Sports 2011 French Open Ad[/ame]

What is the name of the song playing at 6:05 in this video? I have been searching for it for years

[ame=""]YouTube - Senior Trip part 6[/ame]

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