Does anyone know the title and artist who does the new volvo commercial? It's the one with the two women exchanging clothing back and forth between the two red Volvos. Thanks

Saw another Lincoln MKZ commercial today, this song was NOT Paradise Circus or Major Tom.

This one was a downtempo/dub track, its on the newest MKZ commercials... and I cant seem to even find the video on the net yet.

any help? thanks

Does anyone know the title and artist of the Kia Soul commercial song featuring Michelle Wie? Thanks in advance

I am new to this site so I have q auestion on this same movie; who is the artist(male) singing in the scene where her X comes to her and says "this is the song they should have played at our wedding"????????

Who does the song for this new Chevy ad? Thanks

Can anyone tell me the name of that deep house/electro song that plays?

You can see the 15 second commercial which played on Hulu here:

[ame=""]YouTube - H&M Gisele Bundchen Spring 2011 TV Commercial[/ame]

If anyone has seen the commercials advertising for the last two episodes for Enterprise, and has any clue to the name of the music in it, I coul;d really use some help. It is very dramatic sounding music. It sounds operish. Any help anyone?

the name of the track on the toyota hybrid advert is a song called "walking on a dream" by empire of the sun. :D

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