Hi guys I found this site hoping anyone could help me

I've looked so hard for this music but can't find it anywhere

Is it possible to email the studio to ask what it is

Thanks so much for any help


I recently found some old trailer music samples I always wanted to find out, but never had any luck. Now, after some years, maybe someone can help me finding these songs I picked from various trailers :) Thank you very much in advance!

Trailer Music Driven
Trailer Music Art Of War
TV Spot X-Men
Trailer Music Fearless

Can anyone identify the music used in the 2017 West Bend Insurance TV ad titled "Moments"? They have a 60-second and 30-second version. Here is the 60-second version:

I've tried Shazam to no avail. I also tried contacting the company but have not heard back from them.

Can anyone identify the music between 0:00-0:32?

What is the title of this music?

Hi! Do you have any idea of what's the first cue?

It was used in the Rogue One teaser showed at the Star Wars Celebration (but never released) -->

I believe this is a new commercial and I fell in love with the song immediately. I already tried to 'Shazam' the song with my phone app but there's not enough moments without dialogue over the music. It sounds like something Flume or another electronic/dream-pop artist would make. I've checked sources like but they don't have the song listed for the ad.

Here is the commercial link:

Your help is appreciated!

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