Does anyone know the name of the new Fisher Price toy commercial? and is it available commercially.
Some of the words are "you are exactly one of a kind" Thanks!

Its been on since 10/25/11 to today(11/1/11) it shows a preview of her talking to a friend. It seems like a instrumental the beginning but at the last couple of seconds i hear some singing. I believe to be the preview for episode 4.

Anyone know the song that is playing in the background of the Hockey Day in Canada show today? It is like a country picking song..It kind of has an Alexi Murdock feel to it. It might be "All of my Days".

Anyone else hear this tune and any ideas....?

Does anyone know the song that plays in the H&M commercial with the girl in brown?

I need to find out who sings the song on encores movie favorites commercial, it begins with coming home.The song choirs is "walk home." One guy playing a guitar and setting in a chair while graphics of a house frame is being in the background. Please if any one knows the artist or title please let me know.

There was a VW commercial that used The Carpenters song "Close to You". Find this video....someone PLEASE!!!

Please and thank you!

[ame=""]Rift The Endless Adventure trailer - YouTube[/ame]
Does anyone know what song this is?

Does anyone know the name of the background music? Thanks!

[ame=""]Apple - iPhone 4S - TV Ad - Assistant - YouTube[/ame]

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