Im searching to find a song that i heard in a SUV Ad

Unfortunately i dont remember the brand or model of that suv. i feel kinda bad not knowing that!

I've seen this ad on the TV a few time this 2011 fall here in Canada. Ill try to describe the ad so mabee someone can help me find the song!

There is a man driving his SUV and he park on the side of the road listening to a piano song and then an other SUV of the same brand and model come fast and do a 180 parking in front of the other SUV so the 2 car are facing each other. in the second suv there is 4 people listening to Rock music. then the music switch back to the piano from the first suv and then back to the rock music and at the end both track piano and rock are playing at the same time it seem to me that the 2 music track were compose to be 1 song. some kind of rock music with piano.

So if anyone know he brand of the SUV i should be able to do my own search for the song but so far my search lead nowhere since i dont know the brand and model of the car.

and if you know the song it would be even better


Came across this trailer and for some reason the name of the song has slipped my mind. I know I've heard the song in the past in other trailers and commercials.

The song starts about 0:33 and ends about 0:47

Any help would be great! Thanks! :)

Looking for the track in the following commercial:

[ame=""]XFINITY -- Endless Fun: AnyRoom - YouTube[/ame]

Lyrics: "It's time to start up the show/The whole world's waiting right around the corner/
It's everything that you wanna' see/It's everywhere that you wanna' be...<*whistling*>"

Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

There's an ad for the 2012 Ford Focus, playing in Canada, that has light electronic-ey music with no lyrics. Anyone have an idea what it is??

Okay, it's a commercial for either a car or an energy drink or shoes or something to do with sports. i honestly don't remember. i do remember that an artsy filter is used and the background is mostly black like you see in lots of sports commercials. The music for it is (I believe) an opera song.. it's very well known, but I really just can't think of the name.. but I absolutely need to know what it is! Its an opera song so well known that I knew the words and openly sang them, but could not come up with the name. If you have any remote idea as to what commercial I'm talking about, please help. It's driving me insane!

(the commercial is currently aired on ESPN and other football broadcasting stations. the time of year is mid November if you're reading this far into the future.)

I was just watching the Colbert Report and I saw a new Mercedes Benz commercial featuring Santa Claus. It started off as a simple piano piece but progressed into a Christmas-y type of song. Does anyone happen to know what the song is?

I love the music in this commercial and wonder if anyone knows who it is by or if it's another made for the commercial piece.. Thanks..

[ame=""]Smart Oven Commercial - YouTube[/ame]

On there is the trailer of Polar Express and what is the song when there are people singing a christmas song? I would love to know!

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