There's a song about "You make me shine" etc and I cannot find it anywhere in the world... Anyone know who, what where I can find this song??

It's the Subway Style ad with the girls dancing in the subway listening to a headphone...

I'm going crazy trying to figure out the music on Travel Channel's Ultimate Travel promo commercial. I can't find the ad itself anywhere online so I can't provide any help this way. However, the droning baseline of the music they use is very similar to Muse's "Uprising".

Anyone know what that acoustic guitar piece at the end of the Friends finale was? I know I've heard it before, so I'm driving myself nuts trying to figure out what it was.

What song was played in Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps when Jacob tells about Winnie's pregnancy and then leaves Gekko in London?
So when Jacob leaves you can here some piano song in the background playing for like a minute. What song is it?

There's this song that's playing in the ad for "Call Me Fitz" premiering on TNT..
I can only get the lyrics "I'm gonna change the way I deal" .Would love to know the name of that song. It's driving me crazy.
Anybody know? :)

Hi :)
I was wondering if anyone could tell me the song that starts around 1:07 in the trailer for the new movie Conviction.

Ps. I know that the song used in the last part of the trailer is "I am Lincoln".


[ame=""]YouTube- CONVICTION Trailer HD[/ame]


Does anyone know the name of the classical music of this commercial?
[ame=""]YouTube - OMEGA SUPREMA ABSOLUTO - COMERCIAL 1993[/ame]


Well this lady is using a washing machine and the LG logo is at the end and i believe it says "life is good" under it. The music is an instrumental guitar thing. if anyone knows let me know if no thanks anyway

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