Thankfully, there's a YouTube video that has the two promos for this season in one - both of which have catchy tracks. I tried using Shazam but to no avail... can anyone take a shot at at least one song? :(

[ame=""]The Real World San Diego 2011 Promos - YouTube[/ame]

I am looking for the music for a car commercial,Honda I think.There is a Zombie driving around and he goes golfing and his arms fall off.The music is sung in falsetto. Any guess's?

this commercial shows people being active and doing different things, and they all have these colorful drops coming out of them and the music I think is a piano. It was very melodic sounding, I loved it!

I remember that the slogan is 'make every drop count' if that helps any

Hey guys,
I'm trying to find the tune that's playing this Red Bull commercial. You can see it in French cinemas, before the trailers start. It's the first part of the French version of the World of Red Bull ads.
Here is a link to see the ad on Red Bull's french website:

Thanks a lot !

From CBS Sports. It's also the song in the background of the Jack in the Box Breakfast Platter commercial. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

[ame=""]LSU vs Alabama 2011 intro part 1 - YouTube[/ame]

Who knows the music in this one?

Timberland - Nature Needs Heroes - "Lost Bottle"
[ame=""]YouTube - Timberland - Nature Needs Heroes - "Lost Bottle"[/ame]

What is the song used in this trailer? It starts at about 1:43.

[ame=""]The Perfect Host - Official Trailer [HD] - YouTube[/ame]

Does anyone know the music in the background of the new Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida commercial? It's the commercial with all word graphics about everyone deserving and having insurance.

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