Anyone know the music used in this?

I want to identify the song used in the first 10 seconds of this video, and subsequently during the cuts to questions. 0:42-0:48, 1:22-1:27, etc. Several have asked for it in the comments but no answers. I got nothing from moomash and audiotag either.

Hi There

Hope anyone can assist. Seen this trailer for a few times now at the local cinema. Trying to find out the music played in the movie trailer music ... the first 48seconds of

What is the song at the end of the Two brothers trailer? Its a famous score from another movie but I cant figure out what it is. If you go here, you can see the trailer.

Hi there

I hope someone can help me , i am looking for the following song . It is on a History Channel Promo for programs for the months of November - December . One of the programs featured on the promo is Super Heroes Decoded . The song is sung by a woman , here are a couple of lyrics that i could get ......

one by one we walk --- at the end of the day --- will not see me cry --- im just fine --- looking at angels demons standing at my door


Does anyone recall a Saturn car commercial from around 1996 - 98 where there is a moving shot within a Saturn car plant that's in black and white. In the background there is a very busy sounding acid jazz/latin feeling song with a flute and a electric keyboard playing a melody. I have been looking for this song for years. Thanks for the help.

I have been searching like mad to find the song that plays in this clip. I have the OST but this song is not on it. Any ideas?

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