Does anyone know the background music played in the beginning of this documentary 0:00-2:34? It’s so beautiful!!

Does anyone know who sings the song on fetv's most recent commercial (plays during Perry Mason)? It plays on their channel, and shows Matlock (plus a few other shows). One of the song's lines goes "We cannot stay like this forever" or "I cannot stay like this forever" (not sure which), and I can't find either the song or the commercial anywhere online. Google didn't help, either.

Trailer # 1

1.) Where's My Love - SYML
2.) On The Shore Of Forever - Twelve Titans Music

I was watching "Craft in America" on PBS again recently, and I thought that the theme song "Simple Gifts" (and old shaker tune) was the one sung by Judy Collins. Now I'm not so sure. And I apologize for being too lazy to hunt this down myself, by you guys are always so knowledgeable about this stuff that I assume someone out there knows the answer already.

So, who sings the version heard in the show? I do not see it listed in the credits for the show OR it's website... Thanks!

The music for this commercial about Fox Crime's Movies sounds to me a lot. But I can't identify. Does anyone know the songs called?.

A greeting.

Could anyone tell me the name of the music in this trailer?


Android E1

Does anyone know the song at the end? Thanks.

Does anyone know who the themes song for Grace Under Fire is by?

These are the lyrics:

Can you see me walkin' down the street
Beat box blares a click track to my empty mind.
Now my walkma's playin' a slow and endless march
And I'm looking for that bright spot in the sky.
But in my eyes there's a perfect world.
I can see it: A perfect world.

I found a link to a wav from the show of it, but I don't think I am aloud to post it.

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