I wanna know the music on the Intro "diners drive-ins and dives" Is when guy is introducing what diners drive-ins and dives place his heading.

I have heard this music before on some other shows too, It also came out on my favorite TV show when I was 12 years, I when hearing alot but I can find it anywhere.

I dont have much to go on but a while back i heard a csi miami song that i loved then i heard it again on kingpin (the show). but i cant find it. it was at the end of csi miami and it had a piano and someone saying let the drummer kid die or dramma kid (something like that). at one point i thought it might be by mogwai but i never found it. thanks

Hello! I briefly saw a commercial with some catchy (clappy?) ethnic sounding type music (kind of reminded me of Imagine Dragons - Thunder except sang by women). All I remember is in the commercial there was a dog (maybe a Dalmatian) and he had clothes on or goggles on his head and he was running right across the screen then the view switches like you're inside a front-loading washing machine that's running and he's looking inside watching the clothes wash. Any ideas what company this commercial was for, or if you've seen it, the song? Thanks!

There is a new Volkswagen commercial that has been running about a week in which a salesman in showing people various new Volkswagens. The scene that may set it apart is the salesman holding a woman's scarf like she is driving with the top down. There is a song playing in the background that is stricly music no words that I would lov eto find. Any ideas?

First Trailer

Music : Ursine Vulpine - Do you Realize ?? (The Flaming Lips)

Anyone knows what is this music that start playing on 2:34 minute up to the end of video? I've tried searching it by lyrics I heard, but it didn't gave any results :(
Song is very catchy and I would love to know what is it!

Thanks for help!

This quirky documentary about mushrooms featured some surprisingly good music. Has anyone seen it and knows the names of the songs? Specifically, I wanted to know about the song that appears around the 17:00 minute mark. It has a woman making a "oooooooooowoahhhahahaa" sound. Yeah, that's cheesy...but it's the best I can do.

hey, my first post here, and I know for a fact that this has not been posted anywhere else as this teaser was just released today.

heres the link:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Teaser Trailer

does anyone know the music that begins when the words "The Adventure Continues"? Or is it original music for the movie...I know Peter O'doyle is doing the music for this movie, not John Williams, so it shall be intereesting to see what new themes we see! it just me or does this teaser trump all other HP movie previews? I mean..that maze!!

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