Okay, so does anyone know what song is playing during this advert?

I can vaguely make out some of the lyrics (which could be totally wrong):

" pull themselves out"

"I don't know what I need, don't know what I'm about..."

Nothing but rap songs come up when I try and search with these parameters. I don't have Shazaam or SoundHound (don't have an iPhone!), but something is telling me Discovery used an obscure piece of music anyway. (Though if anyone feels like running them through for me, mega thank-yous <3.)

So...anybody got a clue?

It´s for some detective program on history channel and it goes something like i will take back everything you took from me bit by bit

WHAT is the music for this ad?? It sounds very much like an old, solo Paul McCartney instrumental, but I doubt that's it.

Does anyone know if the music/sounds used in the Transformers movie trailer (not teaser) is from an actual song or just put together for this particular use? Here is the link to it, the music/sounds I'm referring to start at 1:03. Thanks.

i caught just a few minutes of this show last night and i heard a version of "Son of a Preacher Man". it was sung by a woman, sort of a slower more jazzy version. did anyone happen to see the show and know who it was? :huh:

Anyone know the music from this trailer?



What song is featured throughout?

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