Music used: Nina Simone - Feeling Good

I remember a long time ago on MTV I saw a commercial. In this commercial, its a girl who is working at some kids themed restaurant (i.e. looked like a chucky cheese spoof) and about to take a break. She puts on her headphones and plays a Godsmack song and its in sync with the animatronics. Trying to find the video. Thanks in advance.

Hey guys,

I am looking to create as expansive a playlist as I can on Spotify, containing music from Game adverts, TV spots, soundtracks etc. But ONLY licensed music! (e.g. Devotchka - How it Ends (Gears of War)) I would really love to put effort into this and would appreciate any and all help and ideas I can get from the rest of you.

So please if you can think of anything, give me the names of the artist, song and the game it was used for!

Many thanks!

Hi, i'm unable to find the song name (if is a song) of the music in that ad, is a Catalonia channel tv3, here you got the video:

Is my first message, i hope is not in a wrong place.
Thanks a lot and goo luck

What exactly is the song that has been playing in some of their review segments? Can be heard in some of these below:

First 5 seconds of this video:

Throughout this video:

Throughout the coverage of the World Cup final as well. Sounds like there is a woman singing in it, but she just sings the tune, no words.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Anyone know the music from episode 4 (S01E04) of Dark Matter when Six (played by Roger Cross) is in the infirmary? It begins about 34 minutes into the episode (right after he injects the doctor). I don't have a way of uploading that portion and didn't want to upload the entire episode (even if I was allowed). Thank you!

Sidney Crosby Zig Tech commercial the energy drink for your feet

Hello gang!

Hope all is having a great spring!
New Sidney Crosby Zig tech Reebok commercial here....and no it's not the Ocho Cinco one...this one just came out.

Sounds like Beck's E-pro but it's not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers from Seattle!

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