Zoolander 2 Official Trailer

Does anyone know the music used for this one please?

The music that kicks in with the original Evil dead footage

Everytime i watch "closing bell" on CNBC i hear a beautiful soundtrack in the background when kelly evans(anchor) say "coming up next on closing bell" then a song play in the background and dat song im trying to find from so long time but cant suceeded . Now adtunes please help me I want dat song really bad . I join this site only for dat song . Please helllpp and tell me the name of song ?

What is the choir music starting at around 1:03

Hi guys, I know it's been a while. I am going to need all the help that I can get for this one. Let me start by saying I searched the forums to see if there were any "adtuners" already trying to discover this mix. There was none. To help the search the following post is the version of this remix that I am trying to locate.

The original lyrical and melody for this song was done by Nina Simone - Feeling Good

You can hear how they remastered, the song and remixed it. However, it is clearly completely redone with a modern vocalist and rearrangement. Shazam yields zero results for the commercial when I try to get the exact remix and I discovered that the original version was by Nina Simone by doing a lyrical search, but it still doesn't bring up the modern remake and remix nor the artist singing it in the remix.

Please help me guys, I need you for this.....

The full trailer will air tonight on Jimmy Kimmel but they released a 15-second teaser. Anybody know what the song is?

I've seen this ad so many times on TV, almost every ad break on syfy plays it >.<, and I'm desperate to find the song. It's been stuck in my head for days lol.

This is the ad that syfy Aus put up themselves and I've commented but I have high doubts that they actually monitor activity on that account lol...

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