Any idea what track is playing during the second half of this trailer (starting at the 0:56 mark)? Max Richter, Olafur Arnalds and Johann Johannsson apparently did the score for the film itself (releasing next month), and this may very well be an original piece from them, but if not, I was just curious if anyone could place it. Thanks!


Whats the choir music at the end ?


Hope someone here can help ...

I recently saw a commercial on TV for the Mercury Insurance Group (I either came upon it during some tennis or some golf as I was flipping around the channels) ...

In it ... we're watching some car as it drives thither and thon ... curvy, windy roads ...

The music in the background is really pretty ... some kind of elegant instrumental music ...

I have fears that it was probably composed just for the commercial ... <_< ... but, just on the off-chance that it's REAL music, anybody have a clue as to what it is?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I know this is a long shot since it's a Colombian show (shot-by-shot remake of Breaking Bad), but there's a song that plays when Jose (Jesse in BB) tries heroin with his girlfriend in episode 18, about 39 minutes in. Shazam is of no help, and though the lyrics of the song are in English, Google is turning up nada. I can't find a clip of the episode online for reference but the show is on Netflix US.

I'd like to know the song behind a Starz (I believe...!) commercial from several years ago. It showed clips from several movies, all silent except for, I think, Jim Carrey saying "Smoking" in "The Mask" and an animated girl saying "boo." The singing was unintelligible, muted...a male's voice. The percussion was prominent. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

What is the name of the theme music/song from series 1 of "Banished"

Hi guys,

I saw this commercial on TV and loved the music. I was able to find the video online. any ideas as to who did the music?


Dose anyone know the name of the song played in the background?


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