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    I'm searching for the music during a recent HBO documentary films montage. I can't find the video anywhere and the song itself doesnt really have any lyrics. It has the rhymes and chants of tribal music (maybe african) and the film footage they use are for the new doc films You Dont Know Jack, Burma: Reporting from a closed Country, Sergio, Afgan Star, and probably a couple of others.

    Its only about a 30 sec spot ad. I'm sorry that the best I could come up with. Maybe someone out there has seen the promo and knows what i'm talking about and can help in my search.


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    i have been looking for this song for a long time and found it! its called "Touched" by VAST (visual adio sensory theatre).
    the song starts with a man singing and goes into the music you hear on the commercial, good song, hope its the one your looking for!

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