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    Nov 2009

    Default Re: Aria Resort and Casino

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    I thought, it's F#minor ... But there are bunch of other chords as well - like D major, G major, B minor and B major etc. Where in the track you hear F major??

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    Feb 2010

    Music Re: Aria Resort and Casino

    Quote Originally Posted by eidolonjs View Post
    Thank you all for responding. Unfortunately, it's not Kostia's "Winter Ride" OR Mendelssohn. The Kostia piece is the closest in terms of style, but there aren't any other similar works on any of his albums that I've looked through.

    I agree with the poster who believes the piece was written as incidental music for the commercial. If this is the case, then the music will never be released publicly because of contract and copyright agreements. Never fear, though, for as we all have discovered there is much more music out there in the world in the same vein for us to enjoy and perform.

    BUT I WANT THIS PIECE!!!! And there have been plenty of prices for commercials that have been published, books of them even.

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    Sep 2004

    Default Re: Aria Resort and Casino

    F# minor indeed. An impressive piece.

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    Feb 2010

    Default Re: Aria Resort and Casino

    Stunningly beautiful piece however short. It remind's me of some of my compositions when I was still in the earthly realm.

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    Feb 2011

    Default Re: Aria Resort and Casino

    Quote Originally Posted by gsfuccillo View Post
    i just heard it for the first time and thought is was pretty cool. I spent about 3 minutes at the keyboard and could probably write it out. But the composer was just messing around with an F maj 7 chord. Infact the first melody is the 1st, 3rd,maj7th,5th,2nd,3rd ( or something like that). Again i just messed with it, but it seems to me like the harmonic movement is based on the Fmaj7 going to Gmaj. if you want to hear what I mean, play an a min chord then a g major chord. he is just messing around with the minor triad built on the third of the tonic and the major chord of the second (Gmaj chord). I cant tell if it is 2, 3 or four hands. if it is 2, I dont have the mechanical ability to perform it, but it shouldnt be that hard to arrange for 2 hands. I like it though
    gsfuccillo I would pay you to write it out for me (for my private use only, so there is no copyright violation) ... I would love to play it ... I'm a great classical pianist but have no training at writing things out by ear

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