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    Oct 2006

    Default Orlando Magic Playoffs

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    Does anyone know what this is from, I think its a movie, but im not sure. The Orlando Magic use it in all their playoff commercials and not knowing what is its making me crazy. Its been racking my brain for weeks now. You can hear it by clicking the link below. The video is from last year but its the same song. Ive also heard it on ESPN this year as a leadin to some of there nba coverage.

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    Feb 2006

    Default Re: Orlando Magic Playoffs

    I couldn't get the video from that link to play, but I know in the Magic's other videos; they use the song:

    Klaus Badelt - "The Black Pearl" (From The Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie)

    Get It At:
    "I like my Hotels like I like my pants;........with lot's of ball room"

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