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    Junior Member lanna85's Avatar
    Jun 2009

    Default Re: The Hills Season 5

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    hey can someone tell me how the song is, in Season 5 episode 10, where lauren on the church goes out and sits in the car, so this is the last song of the EP 10. I love this song but do not know who it sings?

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    Junior Member pl91741's Avatar
    Jul 2009

    Default Re: The Hills Season 5

    Sp 4 "Crazy in Love" when everyone hanging out in Coco De Ville the song is AFTER the Sugar one.. think is play by the DJ in Coco De ville because is not show on the MTV song list.

    At 6:10

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    Jan 2010

    Default Re: The Hills Season 5

    Does anyone know the name of the song when Kristin and Stacie first go out in Las Vegas? Its in the episode called 'Mr Right Now' and the song goes something like....' She put a spell on you. She work that voodoo.'
    Thanks x

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    Dec 2010

    Search The Hills Season 5 Episode 4

    Could someone tell what song is playing in Season 5 Episode the end of Heidi & Spencer's conversation about going to a therapist...

    It starts at the end of the conversation and plays till the girls sit in a Club at their table

    it goes like:
    "You wanna stand up, you throw ya hand up
    I show you what's up .oh u can't get enough
    this is ?autotune? attitude? and listen how we sound"

    And then comes the hook: "Um ladi ladi ladi , it's in your party. Um ladi ladi ladi shake your body"

    It would be awesome to know... I've been searching hours...

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