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As if you did not already know, "The Big Game" (aka Super Bowl XLIII aka Super Bowl 43) is Sunday on NBC.

Adland has an on-going rundown of all of the 2009 Super Bowl commercials scheduled to run during the NFL's big game. Look for TV commercials during the game from Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Cash4Gold.com Careerbuilder.com, and as always, GoDaddy.com.

There will be two ads in 3D (using 3D glasses NBC wants you to hold onto for the 3D episode of the series Chuck on the following night), one for Pepsi's SoBe Lifewater and the other a trailer for the Dreamworks animated film Monsters vs. Aliens.

Can't wait until Sunday? Adweek has posted several videos of the 2009 Superbowl commercials available to view online. Although, some of the Super Bowl ad videos are only "teasers" and are not the full television commercials. Why an advertiser thinks showing you 7 seconds of a 30 second commercial is an effective promotion for their million dollar ad buy is beyond us.

You can follow the football game online through various social media sites and blogs: The NFL has it's own Super Bowl on Twitter. Discuss the Super Bowl ads via your own Twitter feed or visit The Consumerist live-blogging the TV ads during the game.

View the Super Bowl TV commercials online during and after the game: AOL FanHouse, YouTube