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Introducing a brand new website devoted to finding information on music heard in television commercials, movie trailers, TV shows and more!

Adtunes.com grew out of an innocent obsession developed in May 2002 -- finding out the name of a song featured in a car ad on TV. Random posts about subsequent ads' music to this weblog turned into a forum called "As Heard On TV," where all kinds of questions have been asked and answered regarding music in advertising. Recently, as a result of the popularity of that forum, we decided to develop a site all about music in advertising and on TV.

Through this ad music weblog, we hope to bring you the latest news and links featuring advertising music trends, along with artists' CDs and related music available for purchase through Amazon.com. You can also find ad music related products available in our Adtunes.com Store.

Above all else, this site will provide what my personal site began, to find the answer to any questions related to music heard or seen on your television screen or at the local movie theater. Our Adtunes.com Forums will continue to serve as a valuable source of information and as a place to answer everyone's never-ending searches for the question: "What is the name of that song in that commercial?"