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    Default Rise Blood Hunter

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    I watched Rise: Blood Hunter the other day on SciFi, and I really liked the song that played during the scene where Tricia (I believe that's who it was) walks down into the basement to find her friend being mutilated by the vampires. From what I can remember, it was a bit scratchy and metallic with a distinguishable beat, almost like something you would find on a Nine Inch Nails album. It also had some lyrics, but they were too hard to make out from the music.

    Sorry if my description's a bit vague, but I'll add more if I remember anything. Thanks!

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    Nov 2013

    Music Rise: Blood Hunter

    i was watching this nice movie that had lucy liu in it and there was a scene when she entered the bar to talk to the bartender(who was played by marilyn manson) and this wicked rock song played for a short time and i couldnt stop listening to it. Theres a Video on YouTube that Plays this short Scene and the Music can be heard at the beginning yet i cant figure out the Name or band of this song. So if anyone knows the Name of this song PLEASE let me know!

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