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Amazon.com just launched their MP3 download store, which you can visit/bookmark here:


You'll need to visit the MP3 store directly to search for songs to download -- searching through the regular Amazon.com music section will only return CD search results.

People seem to like the Amazon.com MP3 store because their downloads do not have any DRM (digital rights management) protection like iTunes tracks and are priced at 89 cents.

You can link to any Amazon.com MP3 download by ASIN number like any other product at Amazon -- using our referral link code is always appreciated:


I recently uninstalled firefox and then reinstalled a new version of it which deleted my bookmarks. I am wondering how to get the amazon.com linker which I could use for referrals for adtunes? The old posts here do not work when I save them as a bookmark.

My recent post in the 28 days later soundtrack does not have the proper referral code link which is why i'm asking.